A garage is included with an inspection. Click the above paypal tab to add a 2nd garage or outbuilding to be inspected. $50 per each additional building.

Pool & Spa Inspection w/home inspection. $50

You can pay with the paypal links to the left at anytime prior to the inspection. You may want to contact me first from the contact page to schedule an inspection. Please inquire about pricing for homes over 5001 sf. I will need to email you a copy of the pre- inspection agreement and it must either be mailed to me signed or returned signed prior to the inspection. Thank you.

*In the event of a cancellation a small fee may be charged if a credit card was used. *

Radon test w/o inspection.  $150

During construction for each trip to inspect. Lincoln Co. TN only. $50. Additional trip charge for other areas.

Standard home inspection up to 1500 sf. $300

Structure letter & visual only for termite structural damage. $100

This is a great video from youtube that shows why you should have a home inspection done. Even on a new home. Home Inspection Horror Stories.

Home inspection 1501-3500 sf. $400

Radon Test with inspection. $75